"They Yet Speak" MP3 Player

(View of player floating over background)

The "They Yet Speak" MP3 Player is compatible with Windows operating systems and will play common bitrate mp3 format files from a chosen playlist. One program, one file. There is nothing to set up and no milieu of dll files and other scattered parts all over your hard-drive like many programs are apt to install. Users are encouraged to hit the <ESC> key the first time the player is run to read the HELP file and to note button functions, although the design is meant to be self-explanatory. The <ESC> key is also the means of egress.

There is no registration and the player is not spyware. No viruses are attached, although you're encouraged to check it with your virus detection software to satisfy your peace of mind. No warranties are implied etc.

The program must first be unzipped using a program such as WinZip or Stuffit. It can then be run from the folder where you have saved it.

To put a shortcut to this program on your desktop:
Start your Windows Explorer program and go to the folder where you saved this program. A shortcut can be created by right-clicking on the filename of the program (TYS_MP3.exe) and choosing "create shortcut" from the menu. Then drag the shortcut file you just created onto the desktop. You may have to play with the minimize-maximize buttons on your Windows Explorer and resize it by dragging the corners to show both it and the desktop at the same time.

Have fun.